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Flavian, born on November 25, 1973 in Mangalia town in Romania, port on the Black Sea shore. The passion for music has taken him to radio and audio-production since the age of 18. He wanted to play the keyboard from a young age, but he never had a high-performance one.
The first mixes he made by cutting the tapes of the audio cassettes and re-sticking them up, and the results were downright fantastic back then. In the years of the communism, in Romania having access to a PC was only a dream.
He then followed his career in radio, as a presenter of musical programs and producer of various other radio shows.

My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca

Over the years he flirted with music production, composed and wrote songs for several artists and bands, as a member of the band “Night Kult” with Mr. Fabio. The great love, however, was to remain the radio as he had a huge success with the online project called Dancebandada, in which he managed to involve several DJs and world-class producers in a collaboration that stretched over the course of a year, and which ended with his departure for the UK in 2016.

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