Bla Bla Revolution – Trance

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“Trance is pure, emotive dance music which embraces incredible melodies, future-facing production and energetic anthems that have made it a pillar of electronic music worldwide. It’s instantly recognizable with the 4/4 beat that combines with rifting and psychedelic qualities that draw fans to the dancefloor and leave them begging for more at the end of the night.” DiFM

If we talk about emotions and energies that we want to be unleashed, then we are talking about the perfect foundation for this to happen. The state of dreaming and the soul flooded with emotion will have wanted their own revolution. Bla Bla Revolution – Trance makes sense!


Bla Bla Revolution – Trance crew



The passion for music took me to radio and audio-production since the age of 18. I wanted to play the keyboard from a young age, but I've never had a high-performance one, so i ended in radio production.

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